Welcome to our restaurant “Erb”, which uniquely combines tradition with modern approach. Enjoy fresh gastronomy in historical ambiance.

We wish you a pleasant experience.
The team of the Erb restaurant.

Unique experience
Modern gastronomy
Castle environment

Our menu

Come and enjoy a gastronomic experience in the magical environment of the Štekl hotel next to the Hluboká chateau. We choose the best fresh ingredients, we are inspired by the latest trends and we cook with passion.


Duck liver pate with pear chutney and home-made
onion bread
185 Kč

Smoked trout on cauliflower carpaccio with herb pesto
and apple puree
195 Kč


Beef broth with liver dumplings, home-made noodles and julienne vegetables
90 Kč

South Bohemian “Kulajda” cream and dill soup with a poached egg
90 Kč


Vanilla pana cotta with orange gel,
cocoa crumble and raspberry sorbet
160 Kč

Honey cake with currant mousse and honey popcorn
160 Kč


Beef ribs with roasted onion, horseradish,mustard and home-made bread
430 Kč

Filleted duck breast, home-made potato pancakes,
plum-chocolate sauce
390 Kč

Pork tenderloin with farmer‘s bacon sauce, grilled polenta
and pak choi salad
390 Kč

Chicken supreme with barley ragout, roasted courgette
and oyster mushrooms
360 Kč

300g Beef sirloin steak with pepper sauce,
potato gratin
690 Kč

Creamy spinach risotto with parmesan
250 Kč

Tagliatelle with olives, sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan
250 Kč

ERB salad
leaf salad variations, shredded chicken, pancetta,
blue cheese, eggs, tomatoes, fresh herbs
290 Kč

4–6 kg Grilled suckling piglet carved before your eyes
4 types of pickled vegetables,
2 types of mustard, fresh horseradish, home-made bread
950 Kč / 1 kg

Roast duck stuffed with chicken, chicken stuffed with quail,
quail stuffed with almond stuffing and quail eggs
Home-made bun dumplings, potato pancakes,
red and white cabbage
2390 Kč

2kg Beef neck slowly cooked for 16 hours,
mushroom and pepper sauce, demi-glace,
roasted root vegetables, home-made
potato chips, baked potatoes,
mashed potatoes with bacon and onion
2690 Kč

Shredded duck breast with onions, confit in lard, homemade rye bread
100 g/125 CZK // 200 g/210 CZK



Marinated and metured mould – ripened cheese
40 g/80 CZK // 80 g/140 CZK
with dried fruits and chilli, or with capers, garlic and olives


Grana Padano  100 g / 70,- CZK

Italian natural extra-hard cheese matured for a least 10 monts



Prosciutto    80 g / 149,- CZK

Gently smoked Italian ham matured in a mountain in our region for up to 20 months

Pancetta  100 g / 129,- CZK

Salted, rolled Calabrian pork pancetta, dry – cured for

150 – 180 days

Hungarian salami 100 g / 85,- CZK

Real Hungarian salami from Szeged with white mold on the surface and a slightly pungent and spicy flavor

Veroni salame      100 g / 85,- CZK

Selection of Italian salami Tipo Milano, Spian Roma, Felino

Ventricina salame 100 g / 85,- CZK

Slightly spicy, typical salami from the Italian regions of Abruzzo and Melise

Chorizo  100 g / 85,- CZK

Traditional dried Spanish salami, slightly spicy


Olive verdi giganti           50 g / 50,- CZK

Huge and ripe green olives marinated in salt water, from the northern part of Italy from the Veneto region

Olive nere tostate 50 g / 69,- CZK

Roasted black olives with stone, whose intense taste is even more pronounced due to roasting



LaSienna dried tomatoes 50g / 49,- CZK

Marinated in canola oil with parsley, chives and garlic



Homemade breadsticks grissini             1 ks / 25,- CZK

Club sandwich with chicken and home-made french fries
190 CZK

Burger with shredded confit duck meat, red cabbage and smoked mayonnaise
190 CZK

Fried chicken strips in coconut crumbs with creamy spring onion dip
190 CZK

Salad of shredded leaves with gravlax, herb pesto and croutons
190 CZK

Home-made french fries
75 CZK

Home-made ice cream/according to the daily menu
49 CZK

Do you want to go out and explore nature and enjoy eating alfresco?  The surroundings of Hluboká Castle are the perfect place.

Shredded salad with honey-mustard dressing and goat’s cheese
99 CZK

150 g Cheese cubes with fresh herbs and olive oil
139 CZK

Club sandwich with chicken and home-made french fries
190 CZK

Burger with shredded confit duck meat, red cabbage and smoked mayonnaise
190 CZK

200 g Coconut flavoured fried chicken strips
179 CZK

Quiche with zucchini, mozzarella and thyme
159 CZK

Quiche with bacon, cheese and spinach
159 CZK

400 g Decorated seasonal fruits
129 CZK

1 pc Chocolate, banana, lemon muffins
45 CZK

Barbecue sauce
35 CZK

Cocktail spicy sauce
35 CZK

2 pcs Home-made rye bread
15 CZK

1 pc Grissini breadsticks
25 CZK

Our staff at the ERB Restaurant will be pleased to assist you in selecting drinks.

Rental price

Half day 09:00–15:00 or 15:00–21:00
300 CZK

Full day
450 CZK

The price includes a fully-equipped picnic basket (plates, cutlery, glasses, place mats, napkins, picnic blanket).
Book a picnic basket with snacks of your choice at the Hotel Štekl reception. Please order meals for your basket at least two hours in advance.



We combined a historic place and modern gastronomy

Opening hours

Monday 11:00 – 22:00
Tuesday 11:00 – 22:00
Wednesday 11:00 – 22:00
Thursday 11:00 – 22:00
Friday 11:00 – 23:00
Saturday 11:00 – 23:00
Sunday 11:00 – 22:00

We will be happy to help you with organizing corporate events, weddings or family celebrations according to your needs.


Hotel Štekl

Bezručova 141
373 41 Hluboká nad Vltavou
Czech republic

GPS: 49.051267, 14.439079